HD Video Airobot Ranger


868mhz connection

The Ranger has a 868mhz connection between the sensor module and the base station, covering more than 400 meters.

Micro-USB rechargeable

The Ranger is easy rechargeable through a Micro-USB connection.

Measurements & weight

The sensor module measures 79mm x 54mm x 41mm and weighs only 150 grams. All products are designed to have to least impact possible on flight time.

Plug & Play

The Ranger can be easily mounted on and off your drone. It’s a completely stand-alone device that can be implemented on the landing gear or the front side of the drone.

2 hour battery autonomy

The Ranger has a 2 hour battery independency, covering 6 20 minute drone flights. The energy levels are displayed on the interface.

55° field of view

The Ranger has a 55° field of view, covering the complete front side of your UAV.


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