Airobot closes partnerships with international resellers

Airobot closes partnerships with international resellers


Airobot closes partnerships with international resellers

Hasselt – 23 February 2016 – Airobot, a leading designer and manufacturer of independent UAV components, recently closed partnerships with international resellers for it’s highly innovative Ranger solution. The Airobot Ranger gives accurate distance information from drone to object, a highly needed add-on for professional drone inspections.

When flying at high altitudes, it is difficult to have an indication about the distance between the drone and the object of interest. This leads to dangerous situations. The Airobot Ranger is an independent add-on for multirotor UAVs that solves this issue by delivering real time distance feedback on tablet or smartphone. The system is passive and does not need to be connected with the flight controller. Feedback can be given both visual and auditive, via voice commands.

With the Ranger, industrial inspections can be executed more safe and more precise. Users can calculate the size of defects, since the Ranger gives the depth information needed for this calculation.

Airobot has closed deals with Belgian, Dutch and German resellers to further distribute the Ranger. The complete list can be found on


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